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First Independent Bank: Big Enough to Know Business

How FIB Helped Make Business Happen

Dalton opened a checking account with First Independent Bank when he was 16 years old. Since then, we've been his bank and his partner. Our Ag lending expert, Justin, has helped him with his hog barn with an FSA loan, as well as with operating loans, real estate loans, feed loans, and cattle loans. 

First Independent Bank knows what it takes to keep Dalton's Ag operation moving forward. We also have what it takes to help make it happen.

Our expertise is helping people like Dalton be more successful with their Ag business.

Ag Lending with First Independent Bank

First Independent Bank has been partnering with Ag operations for over 100 years, forming a partnership with local farmers to help them acquire the equipment, the supplies, the operating resources, and the livestock they need to make farming a business that works for them.

Local Expertise. Local Interest.

Our Ag lending experts live and work in the same places around Minnesota that our Ag customers are running their farming operations. We know the Ag business and we're committed to making it profitable for our customers, working for local families and for local businesses. Our success means success for our neighbors and friends, for our local communities and our local economy. 

Your Ag Operation Smells Like Money to Us Too!

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