Refinance your home in Redwood Falls, MN.

Refinancing your house is a big decision. There are many factors you need to consider before refinancing your home: How long do you plan to stay in your home? What are interest rates currently at? Will you actually save money by refinancing? 

In order to refinance your home in Redwood Falls, MN, you need to look at the whole picture and all that will be affected. That is where First Independent Bank’s loan officers can help you with experienced advice on whether or not refinancing your home is a good idea. First Independent Bank’s Mortgage Loan Officers are seasoned professionals who will ask the right questions and listen to your concerns. We are big enough to have the resources to meet your needs and small enough to take the time to know you and your situation.

Potential Benefits of Refinancing your Redwood Falls Home

  • Extend the payment period on your mortgage thus lowering your monthly payments
  • Expedite removing your mortgage insurance
  • Lower your interest rate on the mortgage
  • Shorten your mortgage’s term (15 year as opposed to 30 year loan)
  • Consolidate other high interest debt (credit cards, lines of credit, personal loans, 2nd mortgage, etc.)
  • Change banking relationship


First Independent Bank, Redwood Falls, MN Experts

Make First Independent Bank your choice for all your banking needs. 

Redwood Falls, MN is our home turf and we know the people who live and work here. From individuals, to families, to farms, to businesses, First Independent Bank exists to be a thriving independent community bank serving our customers, employees and local communities. As your local area experts, we are able to look out for your best interests and provide access to the financial solutions you need. 

First Independent Bank is located on the eastern edge of Marshall, MN at the junction of state highways 19 and 23. We have had a new location and building since 2017.

Redwood Falls, MN

Located in Redwood County and along the junction of the Redwood and Minnesota rivers, Redwood Falls is a beautiful place to live. Redwood Falls has a smaller community of people, but that doesn’t mean it is lacking in any way. With plenty of places to recreate and dine, Redwood Falls typically retains good home values.

One of the highlights of Redwood Falls is Ramsey Park. The 256 acre park, also called, “Little Yellowstone of Minnesota”, is the largest municipal park in Minnesota. Ramsey Park hosts a number of community activities, offers 4 miles of paved trails, camping, and even a zoo!

Dubbed, “The Scenic City”, Redwood Falls is a great place to work and play, and a great place to call home. Contact First Independent Bank today about refinancing your home in Redwood Falls. 

Redwood Falls Schools

The Redwood Area School District is a smaller district with four schools serving approximately 1,137 students in Redwood County. The district provides a wide variety of academic and extracurricular programs for students to participate in.

For families seeking a private school education for their students, there are a number of private schools in Redwood County with Saint John Lutheran School being located within Redwood Falls. 

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First Independent Bank, A Leader in Mortgage Refinancing 

First Independent Bank is employee and family-owned Minnesota-based bank. We are Big enough to know business and small enough to know you. We pride ourselves on our refinancing expertise.

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