CD/IRA Interest Rates

Our CD and IRA options give you greater opportunities for the future.
See our interest rates and options here.
Terms of 7 months or more compound quarterly.


Minimum Deposit

Interest Rate

Annual Percentage Yield

Penalty for Early Withdrawal

3 Months $2,500 .15% .15% 91 Days Interest
6 Months  $2,500 .20%


91 Days Interest
12 Months $500 .30% .30% 91 Days Interest
18 Months $500 .35% .35% 182 Days Interest
30 Months $500 .40% .40% 182 Days Interest
48 Months $500 .50% .50% 182 Days Interest
48 Month Variable IRA
($500 minimum)
$500 .75%** .75% 182 Days Interest

IRA: Prime minus 2.50%. 
Interest rate adjusts whenever Prime Interest Rate (currently 3.25%) changes.
Floor rate is .75%.
** The interest rate for your account will never be more than 2.25%
May make additional deposits of $1000 or more.

About CD/IRA Options

At First Independent Bank, we have the CD and IRA options that will help you get the most out of your savings. Find out how we are equipped to make your money work for you.

Whether short-, intermediate- or long-term, we have the Certificates of Deposit and Individual Retirement Account options that will help you get the most out of your savings.

Which is right for you?

That's where First Independent Bank's local experts come in. We are happy to go over all your options and find the right mix of return on investment and liquidity that fits your unique financial situation.

Checking/Savings Interest Rates

Interest Rate Disclosure: 
At our discretion, we may change the interest rate on these accounts. Fees could reduce earnings on these accounts.

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