Four Helpful Tips for Controlling Your Spending

One of the simplest ways to change your financial situation is to change your financial habits. Bad financial routines can be a significant source of anxiety. They limit opportunities for people to move ahead in life. By changing these routines, one at a time, you can start to see changes in your life that will be felt. You can put yourself in a different financial situation and can be more in control of your spending…and of your future.

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Small Business Loans from First Independent Bank

At First Independent Bank, we like to say that we are big enough to know business and small enough to know you. For business owners, this means that we have the resources and reach of a big bank. We can support you with the expertise and products you need to succeed in your business. We do this while still treating you as our neighbor and partner in business, because that’s what you are. It means that when you work with us, you get to know us…and we get to know you.

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Start Saving!

Developing a Savings Mentality

People in a healthy financial situation understand the importance of saving money. People in an unhealthy financial situation do not place a value on savings. It’s that simple. As you consider your own financial situation, consider how your own savings account looks. What are your habits? What decisions are you making to set yourself for success when it comes to savings?

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Construction Loans from First Independent Bank: Giving Life an Upgrade

At First Independent Bank, we’re all about our local community. We are committed to the neighbors and friends we share life with, and the work we’ve done for more than 100 years has reinforced that commitment. From loan solutions for a new business to a college-savings plan for a new family, our methods, tools, resources, and people are here for one purpose: To give life an upgrade.

One of these upgrades that we are particularly passionate about—and particularly equipped to handle—is construction loans. Building a new home or remodeling the home you’re in can seem like an overwhelming, even impossible, undertaking. But our expertise, passion, and experience will give you the partnership you need to make the right things happen in the right way.

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Recreation Loans from First Independent Bank

Personal and Recreation Financing from First Independent Bank

At First Independent Bank, we’re always working on behalf of our customers. We’re giving them access to our expertise, partnering them with the right tools, the right people, and the right financial products to set them up for success. We do it because we want to help them connect with all of the financial tools available to them.

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Some Questions to Ask: Advice for Business Loans

Business Loans and the Right Things to Know

At First Independent Bank, we are committed to helping business owners succeed. Whether just starting out or expanding their operation to something beyond what they once thought they’d ever be able to accomplish, our lending experts and unique commercial loan options put business owners at a distinct advantage.

As you determine what course you’ll take regarding a commercial loan or small business financing decision, there are a few things to consider and some questions you can ask.

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How Smart Are You with Money?

Increasing Your Money IQ

It’s been said that if you want to know what’s most important to someone, take a look at their bank account. Whatever they spend the most money on is the thing they care about the most. If you take that same test a bit further, it becomes something like a financial IQ test. How smart you are with your money will reveal itself with how well you manage it.

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Livestock Loans from First Independent Bank

Livestock Lending for Minnesota Farming Businesses

We have a saying at First Independent Bank. It’s on all of our marketing material. It’s on the top of our website and throughout each page. It’s our tagline, our philosophy of business, and our standard for customer service.

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Find the Right Financial Partner!

First Independent Bank: Your Lifelong Financial Partner

With First Independent Bank, customers have a partner through any season of life. Whether just starting out or finally taking steps toward things that once seemed impossible, First Independent Bank has the team and the tools to move you in the right direction. Our team of bankers and lending experts walk closely with young people, families, business owners, and entrepreneurs, helping them discover and utilize the opportunities available to them.

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Weathering the Storm of Low Prices on Bushels of Corn

Prepare a Successful Ag Business With the Right Resources and Expertise

With the varying costs of corn (with incremental increases to nearly $3.75 a bushel in late 2018), the question inevitably must be answered: How do I weather the storm of low costs per bushel of corn?

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