Avoid Scams and Protect Your Money

Would You Know a Scammer’s Voice if They Called You on the Phone?

At First Independent Bank, we want to do everything we can to protect our customers and their money. That's why we want to warn you about a scam that's happening that takes advantage of people's soft spots for their families. 

Beware of people posing as your family, pretending to be in some sort of financial pickle needing your immediate help. If a granddaughter calls from jail after a DUI or a grandson calls from the Caribbean with a need for cash, BEWARE! Before you wire money or give a credit card number or release any personal information, check your facts! People are pulling off these scams and getting trusting people to hand over personal information. Read more about these scams here

Don’t be fooled into giving your financial and personal information away.

And let First Independent Bank know how we can help you make the best decisions with your money! 

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