Coronavirus: Some Advice to Ag Professionals

People who work in the Ag business are already some of the hardest working people in our country. Early mornings. Late nights. You’re managing a business, working with your hands, thinking financially, working strategically. In all of it, you are also at risk in this season of quarantine.

We’ve compiled some tips for Ag professionals who are living and working in the Ag business during this time.

Try to Avoid Injuries

This seems like good advice for any time of year for people in the Ag business. But it’s especially important right now. Heavy machinery, long hours, and extreme conditions put professionals in the farming business at higher levels of risk. During quarantine, it is especially important that you manage the risks of your job so that you can avoid exposure to doctors offices and hospitals as much as possible. If you can’t avoid a visit to a medical facility, be sure to take additional precautions, such as gloves, a face mask, and proper hand-washing.

Use a Mask

This is for more than trips to the grocery store. Many of the pesticides, microparticles, dusts, and chemicals that Ag professionals deal with regularly can increase vulnerability to respiratory issues. Any amount of research into COVID-19 will reveal that people with compromised immune systems and respiratory issues are more at risk if and when they contract the virus. By protecting your lungs in your regular day-to-day operation, you’re protecting yourself from some of the risks of Coronavirus. The mask can also protect from exposure to the virus.

At the End of the Day

At the end of each workday, do your best to leave anything that has been contaminated out of your home. Disinfect anything that has been exposed to people and treat anything you’ve been wearing or using as though it has been contaminated.

At the end of each day, you should be:

    • washing your hands before you leave work and disinfecting them before you enter your house.
    • keeping your shoes outside or by the door (and not wearing them through your house)
    • showering and changing your clothes before you come in physical contact with anyone in your house
    • leaving any personal protective equipment at work or in your car.

By following these tips and others like them, you can do your part to help stop the spread of this virus. Just as importantly, you can protect your Ag operation from even more disruptions and distractions. As our state and country move closer to opening things back up after quarantine, our nation will be more dependent than ever on critical pieces of our economy.

So stay healthy!

And be sure to let First Independent Bank know how we can help you be as successful as possible in your Ag business.

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