Some months make it harder to reach your financial goals than others. With bills, unexpected expenses, medical bills, etc., you might look at your bank account and realize that you're going to need more money to make it to your next paycheck.

Our team at First Independent Bank understands. That's why our checking accounts come with our First Reserve Line of Credit option. Here's why we think you should consider using this convenient feature.

Access Funds Before Payday

A little short on funds before your next paycheck comes through? You can use your First Reserve like a line of credit. When your checking account runs low, your checks will still be processed, you can still receive cash from an ATM, and your debit card transactions will be approved. The reliability of these First Reserve funds allows you to breathe easier, knowing you won't have to deal with declined payments or late fees and fines from creditors and billing companies.

Pay Back the Funds How You Want

With our First Reserve Line of Credit, we give you options about how to pay back the money you need to get you to your next paycheck. If you have the cash immediately, you can pay it back right away. In the case of a larger amount, such as in an emergency or unexpected expense, you might need more time. For those times, you can pay the minimum payment until you can recover the funds.

No Overdraft Fees

Unlike most other checking accounts, you won't have to worry about overdraft fees with the First Reserve Line of Credit. Total overdraft coverage is determined by your available credit limit, and credit is subject to approval. You can get the money you need when you need it and not have to worry about paying even more in the long run. This will help you pay back the money faster and meet your bill due dates with no problem.


First Independent Bank’s First Reserve Line of Credit is designed with our customers in mind. When it comes to getting the funding you need to keep going, our personal and business lending allows you to do just that. Talk to your local FIB banker today to learn more about securing our First Reserve Line of Credit for your account.