Farming equipment is essential to getting your daily tasks done on the farm. Old or deteriorating equipment could slow or stop your operations,

costing you valuable time and money in the long run. Here's how you know it's time to improve your farming equipment and the ways First Independent Bank can help.

Is Your Farming Equipment Efficient Enough?

How fast your equipment can move and do its job is an obvious factor when considering how well your current machine serves your needs. But is it also efficient? New equipment can sometimes cut production time because of the advanced features. If your operation could benefit from saving time and work, upgrading your equipment could save you money in the long term. Our Lending Team is ready to assist you when you’re ready for more efficient equipment. 

How Durable is Your Equipment?

The durability of your equipment can be an essential factor when it comes to your farm's performance. If you find yourself with faulty equipment, it could completely stop your operations for days or weeks before you can get a repair or a new machine. Consider having a mechanic or machinery expert assess the durability of your equipment to see if you need to upgrade sooner rather than later. Ag lending is an area of passion for us at First Independent Bank, so we can help you get the durable equipment you need when you need it.

Is Your Technology Up to Date?

Innovation in ag equipment technology has gone through a revolution in recent years. Automated and smart technology features have allowed for increased production and yield and for more hands-off operations. Check out the latest technology trends and see if your farm could benefit from these recent developments. Our staff understands agricultural business, and we want to help create a successful, fulfilling farming operation that serves the community for years to come. Even if you can’t afford to upgrade to the latest technology now, First Independent Bank has all of the Business Banking services you need to manage your money well in the meantime.

How Can First Independent Bank Help?

Have you decided that new or improved equipment could help lower operating costs in the long run or increase your output and efficiency? First Independent Bank is here to help. As your local Minnesota bank that serves our neighbors here and in South Dakota, we know the importance of your agriculture operation. Our lending experts can help you find the right financing to get the improved farm equipment you need. We offer a number of loans and financing options specifically geared toward local farmers. Your business is more than another loan or bank account - you are our neighbors, friends, family, and community. Contact a First Independent Bank business banker today to discuss how we can get you the best financing for your new and improved farm equipment.