Dairy Loans from First Independent Bank

Dairy Farms and First Independent Bank: A Partnership and a Commitment

More than 75% of the dairy farms in the United States are family owned and operated. This means that, for most dairy farmers, the people doing the heavy lifting are the same people managing the facility, buying animals, maintaining the operation, and strategically planning for the future.

First Independent Bank partners with dairy farms to make the work easier.


Dairy farms throughout Minnesota have a variety of ways to partner with the Ag Finance experts at First Independent Bank. We have a long history of work in Minnesota, and because of our specialization specifically with Ag operations, dairy farmers have been able to find a trusted partner to help them build, maintain, and grow their operation.

Livestock Loans, USDA Loans, and FSA Loans from First Independent Bank

Our loan options for dairy farming operations help those who are just starting out and those who have been around as long as we have. Our lending experts have helped southern Minnesota dairy farmers purchase animals, equipment, and machinery. We partner with dairy farms who need a quick influx of cash to support their operation. We help dairy farmers get better equipment, buy more animals, and build the right facilities. We help them build operations from the ground up. We’ve helped them find the most strategic ways to expand their facilities, purchase more land, and reinvest in their business. In each encounter and with each transaction, First Independent Bank is showing dairy farmers that they have a partner in Ag business.

Our Bank is Local…And So Are Our Decisions

As a local bank working with dairy operations throughout Minnesota, First Independent Bank is committed to supporting our local farmers. This means that our banks are local, our lending experts are local, and our decisions are local. The work we’re doing is helping the communities we’re a part of be better places to work, live, and raise a family.

For more than 100 years, we’ve been helping to finance the operations of farmers in our own communities across the state. At any branch, dairy farmers will be able to find a local lending expert who understands the dairy farming industry and can help them find the right Ag lending solution for their operation.

It’s not just about finding a bank, it’s about finding a partner.

At First Independent Bank, we’ve been here for generations, and the work we’ve done to support dairy farmers across Minnesota is told time and time again with each connection between one of our Ag lending experts and a local farmer.

First Independent Bank is invested in the local economy and is committed to helping dairy farmers succeed for generations to come.

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