Hog Farming and Pig Production Loans from First Independent Bank

Your Hog Farm Smells Like Money to Us Too

Minnesota is one of three states where hog production is most concentrated (Iowa and North Carolina are the others). From large, long-running farms to new operations that are just getting started, the state of Minnesota is where the hog farming business is one of the places with strong economic activity.

This type of specialized farming business needs specialized attention. Hog farming operations are unique, facing specific challenges that others don’t have. From housing pigs and the various operational challenges that go with it to the high costs of production, hog farmers need a partner in their business…one who can help them take the right steps forward.


At First Independent Bank, we understand the hog farming business.

Since the day we opened our doors more than 100 years ago, we have been supporting local farmers and agricultural operations, giving them resources and tools to succeed in their business. Our agricultural lending solutions for hog farming operations work specifically with farmers on several fronts so that they can keep up with the high demands of their operation.

Hog Farming and Pig Production Loans from First Independent Bank

Hog farming operations need support for regular operations and facilities upgrades as well as improved equipment and operational support. First Independent Bank offers fixed, adjustable, or variable rate loans that work for you and your operation. Whether you need a construction loan for your swine farm or financing solution for hog farrowing, our swine industry focused lending specialists can help you move forward with the right loan solution.

Contact us to get started with a hog farming lending expert who can help you each step of the way.

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