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Livestock Lending for Minnesota Farming Businesses

We have a saying at First Independent Bank. It’s on all of our marketing material. It’s on the top of our website and throughout each page. It’s our tagline, our philosophy of business, and our standard for customer service.

Big Enough to Know Business. Small Enough to Know You.

These aren’t just words on paper (or a computer screen). These are the truth of what it means to partner with First Independent Bank. We are experts, and we care about you. This statement is especially true when it comes to Ag lending and livestock loans.

It's not just about lending money. It's about partnering. 

We aren’t just providing livestock loan solutions and lending expertise to Ag businesses across the Upper Midwest. We’re also providing the personal attention and expertise that you can rely on to make the right decision for your livestock lending needs. 
The decisions we make are locally-minded.

Being locally-minded, for First Independent Bank, is about more than simply being in small towns or being conveniently located. It’s about thinking, working, and lending with local people, local Ag business owners, and local economies in mind. Our Ag lending experts are making decisions based on our small-town values and our big-business expertise.

Livestock Loans: Our Expertise

We understand that your lending needs have changed with the times. With shifts in technology and the economy, you’re trying to make the right decisions at the right time for your agribusiness. Whether you’re expanding your livestock operation or maneuvering for stronger seasons to come, our local lending professionals are experts in the industry. We can help you make the right livestock loan decisions.

Your Agribusiness: Our Passion

We are a group of local bankers and lending professionals, working within farming communities across Minnesota, alongside farming operations. We care about the local economy and we contribute to it. Agribusiness is part of our DNA, with farmers as our neighbors, our friends, and our families.

With competitive rates and variable terms on livestock loans, you can work confidently with the assurance that we’re working on your behalf. Our Ag business expertise is matched by our local care and investment in our communities…and in your farming operation.

Call First Independent Bank to find the right livestock loan for your farming operation. We'll be the neighbors that advocate for you. We'll be the experts that look out for you. We'll be the bank that partners with you. 

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Big enough to know business. Small enough to know You.