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Some Things to Think About: Crop Input Financing

At First Independent Bank, we partner with farming operations across Southern and Central Minnesota, helping them find the right financing solution for their equipment, operations, crop input, and expansion. For over 100 years, we’ve been big enough to know business but small enough to know the individuals in our community, helping them build out a successful farming operation that is both efficient and successful. First Independent Bank has crop input loans and ag lending loans that will work for you.

As you look toward next season’s crop input, there are many questions to consider. For some of these questions, you may need a partner and ally to help you make the right decisions at the right time.

When should I purchase seed, chemicals, and fertilizers?

You should almost always be asking this question. Input discounts are sometimes greater prior to January, so financing is available before the new year. We recommend that you have the important conversations now about what kind of financing and supplies you’ll need for the upcoming planting season. Let us know what questions you have about the timing of your seed, chemical, and fertilizer purchases.

Perhaps your grain will not be sold or delivered until spring and you need cash flow today for optimal discounts on your inputs. If this is the case, you’ll want to take advantage of the various financing options available to you. You’ll also want to make sure that you keep the conversation going year-round, so that you’re always planning your expenses to capitalize on seasonal discounts. It may require you building new processes to track your costs. It may also require a partnership to help make it happen. 

What are you planning for input costs and general operating costs for next year? What do your financials reflect for the current year?

Have you already done the work on this question? Do you know where your financials are going to end up this year? Did you predict your needs accurately? How does next year look?

If you know your numbers and have already done the work, you’ll be able to tell pretty quickly how next year looks. If you haven’t yet considered next year’s costs for input and operation, now is the time! And if you need us, let us know. We’ve been there and have helped many in your situation. Our loan specialists have been partnering with farming operations for years, and we have tools and strategies for effectively projecting costs. We also have financing options that work with you and your budget to keep your operation moving forward.


For over 100 years, First Independent Bank has been big enough to know business and small enough to know you. Our lending experts are available to walk with you each step of the way with your ag operation, from crop input loans to operating and machine financing solutions. Let us know how we can help you become more successful in your ag business.   

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