How FIB Partners With You: Personal Lending

FIB: How We Partner With You - Making Your Purchases Possible

At First Independent Bank, we know what it takes to keep a busy life moving forward. In between the responsibilities of day-to-day and the preparation for some-day-in-the-future is the opportunity to make today all that it should be.


First Independent Bank’s loan officers are here to help.

Sometimes our bankers are working with people to sort out the unexpected, helping them finance the surprises that life throws at them. The family that’s surprised by twins who suddenly needs to buy a minivan shouldn’t need to work only with the financing options available at the dealership. They should work with their community banker, who has their best interest in mind. The homeowner whose furnace went out shouldn’t have to put major expenses on a high-interest credit card, but should work with a local banker, who can help plan for and make these kinds of major purchases possible.

Other times our bankers are helping people finance the extra parts of life that make the day-to-day a little better. We help people finally purchase reliable ATVs for their cabins, finance a truck or camper, or buy the boat that will make their lake excursions that much better. We’re able to make what seemed impossible a reality.

And The Personal Loan Options List Goes On

From overdraft protection and lines of credit to signature loans, the lending solutions available through First Independent Bank make life possible for you in-between the daily budgets and the plans for retirement. By talking to one of our bankers, you’re working with local experts who are big enough to know and understand business but small enough to know and care about you.

At First Independent Bank, we make purchases possible. To find a loan officer who will help you find the right personal loan solution that will fit your life, talk to us.

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