Debt Consolidation Loans with First Independent Bank

Pay Down Your Debt Faster with First Independent Bank

At First Independent Bank, we are committed to working with people throughout Minnesota in whatever situation they’re in. It’s why we do what we do. We’re helping you make life easier with our services and products. Our customers rely on our lending experts to help them find the tools, support, and resources they need for the improvements they’re looking to make in life.

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First Independent Bank: Banking is Personal

At First Independent Bank, we are big enough to know business and small enough to know you.

That’s a statement that points to the opportunities that customers have to work with a bank with the tools they need to make success possible, and the expertise they need to make the right decisions at each crossroads. It's also a statement of the value of having a personal banker.

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First Independent Bank: Lending Expertise for Any Season of Life

At First Independent Bank, we are committed to the success of our customers and our communities.

Sometimes that means we’re helping a couple save for college for their children or for some other major expense that is just around the corner. Sometimes it means we’re helping them build out an investment portfolio that plans for the future or an HSA that takes care of coming medical costs.

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First Independent Bank: Minding Your Business

Our loan officers and lending professionals are committed to the success of your business, whether that means helping you manage your operation or equipping you to expand it. From facility acquisition and equipment purchasing to merchant services and business checking, First Independent Bank makes running a business easier.

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Personal Loans from First Independent Bank

Personal loans give you the freedom to relax. They take the pressure off of the day-to-day and give you room for new opportunities and more flexibility.

From recreation and leisure to the car you’ve been needing or an extra cushion of safety around your life, personal loans from First Independent Bank offer you the opportunity to move ahead with the flexibility and the financial capacity to make the right decisions for your family.

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Hog Farming and Pig Production Loans from First Independent Bank

Your Hog Farm Smells Like Money to Us Too

Minnesota is one of three states where hog production is most concentrated (Iowa and North Carolina are the others). From large, long-running farms to new operations that are just getting started, the state of Minnesota is where the hog farming business is one of the places with strong economic activity.

This type of specialized farming business needs specialized attention. Hog farming operations are unique, facing specific challenges that others don’t have. From housing pigs and the various operational challenges that go with it to the high costs of production, hog farmers need a partner in their business…one who can help them take the right steps forward.

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Minnesota Ag Lending

At First Independent Bank, we are equipped to help Minnesota farming and agriculture operations succeed with lending solutions that work for them. Our lending experts know farming. They are committed to local Ag business and can help farmers throughout our state make the right decisions about a loan for their operation. Whether it’s time to expand your farming operation or if you’re updating equipment or facilities, Ag Lending from First Independent Bank comes with expertise and service you can depend on. For farmers buying a turn-key

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First Independent Bank - Small Town Bank with Big Business Benefits

At First Independent Bank, we have the tools, resources, and financial products to help your business succeed. Whether you’re just starting out in business or needing a support team to help you operate your business as efficiently as possible, First Independent Bank can help. Our bankers and lending professionals live and work in the same communities where our customers run their businesses. We are committed to your success because we are committed to our local community, local economy, and local customers.

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Vacation Property Loans from First Independent Bank: Better Weekends Await

When you’re tired of trying to get your name on the calendar to borrow someone else’s cabin…

When the lake you’ve are wanting to buy property on finally has some property for sale…

When you’re looking at your kids and realizing you want a place for your family to escape to…

When you realize you don't want to wait forever…

Vacation Property Just Became Possible with First Independent Bank

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First Independent Bank - Small Town Bank with Big Personal Benefits

At First Independent Bank, we are equipped with the resources and products to help you succeed in work and in life. From the work our loan officers put in to helping small business owners take the right step toward their goals to the care our bankers make sure each customer has the tools they need, we are committed to our customers and to the things they care about.

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