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Vacation Property Loans from First Independent Bank: Better Weekends Await

When you’re tired of trying to get your name on the calendar to borrow someone else’s cabin…

When the lake you’ve are wanting to buy property on finally has some property for sale…

When you’re looking at your kids and realizing you want a place for your family to escape to…

When you realize you don't want to wait forever…

Vacation Property Just Became Possible with First Independent Bank

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Small Business Loans from First Independent Bank

At First Independent Bank, we like to say that we are big enough to know business and small enough to know you. For business owners, this means that we have the resources and reach of a big bank. We can support you with the expertise and products you need to succeed in your business. We do this while still treating you as our neighbor and partner in business, because that’s what you are. It means that when you work with us, you get to know us…and we get to know you.

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Construction Loans from First Independent Bank: Giving Life an Upgrade

At First Independent Bank, we’re all about our local community. We are committed to the neighbors and friends we share life with, and the work we’ve done for more than 100 years has reinforced that commitment. From loan solutions for a new business to a college-savings plan for a new family, our methods, tools, resources, and people are here for one purpose: To give life an upgrade.

One of these upgrades that we are particularly passionate about—and particularly equipped to handle—is construction loans. Building a new home or remodeling the home you’re in can seem like an overwhelming, even impossible, undertaking. But our expertise, passion, and experience will give you the partnership you need to make the right things happen in the right way.

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Recreation Loans from First Independent Bank

Personal and Recreation Financing from First Independent Bank

At First Independent Bank, we’re always working on behalf of our customers. We’re giving them access to our expertise, partnering them with the right tools, the right people, and the right financial products to set them up for success. We do it because we want to help them connect with all of the financial tools available to them.

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Livestock Loans from First Independent Bank

Livestock Lending for Minnesota Farming Businesses

We have a saying at First Independent Bank. It’s on all of our marketing material. It’s on the top of our website and throughout each page. It’s our tagline, our philosophy of business, and our standard for customer service.

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Weathering the Storm of Low Prices on Bushels of Corn

Prepare a Successful Ag Business With the Right Resources and Expertise

With the varying costs of corn (with incremental increases to nearly $3.75 a bushel in late 2018), the question inevitably must be answered: How do I weather the storm of low costs per bushel of corn?

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Farm Land Sales through First Independent Bank

Buying Farm Land with Financing from First Independent Bank

At First Independent Bank, we have been partnering with farmers and landowners for over a century, giving them access to the tools and resources they need to successfully manage their Ag operation. A local bank with investment in our local communities, we have the ability to partner with Ag business owners at any stage of their business.

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Crop Input Loans from First Independent Bank

Some Things to Think About: Crop Input Financing

At First Independent Bank, we partner with farming operations across Southern and Central Minnesota, helping them find the right financing solution for their equipment, operations, crop input, and expansion. For over 100 years, we’ve been big enough to know business but small enough to know the individuals in our community, helping them build out a successful farming operation that is both efficient and successful. First Independent Bank has crop input loans and ag lending loans that will work for you.

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How FIB Partners With You: Personal Lending

FIB: How We Partner With You - Making Your Purchases Possible

At First Independent Bank, we know what it takes to keep a busy life moving forward. In between the responsibilities of day-to-day and the preparation for some-day-in-the-future is the opportunity to make today all that it should be.

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Ag Lending from First Independent Bank

First Independent Bank’s Ag Lending: Building Communities by Building Business

At First Independent Bank, we understand that there is a difference between understanding business and understanding Ag business. By partnering with local farming operations and getting to know the farmers and business leaders in our area, our loan specialists are more than employees of a bank.

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