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For crop input, livestock, or equipment...whether you're managing your operation or expanding it...First Independent Bank has financing solutions for you. 

Minnesota Agricultural Lending  

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First Independent Bank partners with farm and agricultural operations all over the state of Minnesota. Whether you are looking for crop input loans, livestock loans, land loans, or you are looking to buy a turn-key farm, we can help. Our banking professionals understand your needs and will help you with the agriculture loan, lending, or financing solution that sets you up for long-term success. 

Let us know how we can help you make the right move for your farm. 

We offer a wide variety of agricultural loans with competitive rates:

  • Crop Input and Crop Production Loans: Seed, Corn and Soybean Input Loans, Fuel, and Fertilizer 
  • Livestock Loans: Dairy Financing, Feeder Loans, Cow/Calf Pair Financing, Cattle Loans and Livestock Feeder Financing, Swine Industry Loans, Hog Loans, Farrow to Finish Loans, Feeder Pig Loans, Hog Finishing Barn Loans, Poultry Production Financing Loans
  • Agriculture Equipment Financing: Buying or Leasing Farming or Agricultural Equipment, Grain Handling, Agricultural Production Loans
  • Agriculture Operating Loans: Land Loans, Facility Financing, Farm Equity Lines of Credit, Family Farm Loans, FHA Guaranteed Loans, Farm and Ranch Land Loans, Family Farm Loans, Revolving Farm Operating Loans

Farms across Southern and Central Minnesota have come to depend on the agricultural financing solutions from First Independent Bank.

Speak to a Banker to find the right option for you. 

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